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Mobile Coffee Van Territories

You’ll be operating your coffee cart within a specific territory to ensure you have access to loyal, regular customers. You may be running a territory extremely close to your home, which means even more flexibility and freedom. During our two weeks on board your cart, we’ll help you familiarise yourself with your area and establish a customer base.


Territories are generally very large and have multiple focus areas of peak interest where customers are likely to be waiting. The closer you are to your customers, the more you can capitalise on your time.


How Does It Work?


Due to the quality of our equipment and products, we know that partnering exclusive territories with hardworking, positive operators can generate long-term success. We’ll send you a few maps that highlight potential focus areas for your Monday to Friday business. The first map will outline your boundaries and the following maps will show you the best places to really capitalise your business.


On weekends, you’re free to travel anywhere you’d like without restrictions. If you’d like to service a Saturday or Sunday event that you’ve found or that we sent to you, you’re welcome to travel as far as you’d like! There’s no restraint on corporate events, real estate gigs, club sports, festivals, etc. However, you will need a permit to stop on public roads, parks and beaches.


Building Your Customer Base


We’ll show you how to find new customers in your specific demographic and give you tips for building a strong, long-term relationship with your area. A lot of our territories are so large that there may even be business opportunities to open a second mobile coffee van and enjoy passive income!


Our online network is always here to support you and answer your questions. You’ll find that sharing knowledge is sharing strength, which is why we keep our businesses connected to each other and to us.


Your Future Coffee Van Is for Sale Now


Get in touch with us to discover available territories around you. Get in quick to secure your ideal area that is close to home and thriving with business opportunities. Contact us to learn more.


Make an enquiry today about owning a Xpresso Coffee Van in your area.

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