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Coffee Van Training

When you purchase your mobile coffee van, you will receive comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure your complete comfort as you transition into your new lifestyle. We make sure you know everything there is to know about running a coffee cart with high-quality products and equipment.


Complete Coffee and Equipment Training

The first step is completing an e-learning module to understand the basics and regulations of owning your own coffee truck. Once that’s completed, you’ll fly to Brisbane where we expand your knowledge with an exciting and intensive 3-day course.

Not only will you learn to perfectly brew beans and froth milk, you will gain an understanding of the science behind coffee with a tour of the exclusive roasting house.

We then spend two weeks with you in your new van, getting you familiar with your territory and giving you valuable tips on generating business. Coffee van hire is all about empowering you to take that first step towards loving what you do.


You’ll Be Set Up with Everything You Need

Once your territory has been established and you’re comfortable with running your coffee franchise, our massive community is still here to support you. Xpresso Mobile Café will help you establish beacon technology that sends messages to nearby customers so you can let people with the loyalty app know when you’re in the area.


Your National Support Network

Franchisees have access to a national support hotline and a shared intranet portal where they can engage with other franchisees across Australia. Our mobile café fit-out partner runs an online network, and our coffee roasters offer support in every state. Simply put, you’re never alone on this exciting journey!


Start Your Journey to Business Ownership Today

It’s our goal to ensure each one of our franchisees is comfortable and happy in their new business. If you’d like to join the Xpresso Mobile Café team, get in touch with us and we’ll answer all of your questions!



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