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Coffee Van Training

The beauty of a systemised, proven and trusted business is the TRAINING!

We pride ourselves on this critical component of your journey with us!

Our trainers, coaches & ‘launch controllers’ spend a total of 2.5 weeks with you as you transition into your new small business to ensure a level of comfort and confidence to tackle the weeks and months ahead.

The training period is broken into two parts; the first being 3 days at your residence setting up and showing you how your brand-new mobile cafe works! A full equipment overview including power systems and general maintenance plus we’ll assist you with setting up the mobile cafe for the launch. This period is also used to deliver a customised comprehensive Barista Training Course including recipe sharing for cold (frappe/smoothie) blended drinks! We will also step you through stock re-ordering processes and initial setup of your Point of Sale system. We cover a lot! 



The second and critical component of your training is THE LAUNCH!

We spend 2 weeks riding shotgun with you. This is our ‘secret sauce’! We show you how to attract new customers and build your initial Monday-to-Friday coffee run. We’ll be there right by your side as we face real paying customers for the first time. We are there to help and coach you through any fears with the end goal leaving you with a ‘coffee run’ that you can handle on week 3 when you are by yourself. Our 3 x core focuses here are quality (not quantity), process & being highly relational with our customers! Did you know that for every customer we find you, they’ll likely spend over $1000 a year with you! They are new best friends!

During these first 4-weeks of your launch, we provide you with unlimited coffee beans (within reason!!) to ensure you are well stocked to continue marketing your new business to potential new customers! We contribute a significant investment of time, effort and money towards each and every launch of new licensees. Again, it’s a point of difference for our brand and something we take very seriously.

The benefit of being part of a national group is that you have national support! All our team members support one another by way of either phone or Facebook chat groups. You are never alone.

Where to from here?

Fill in the quick form below and we’ll send you more information including financials & available territory information!

Further down the track, we’ll send you access to an easy e-application form so we can then send you further disclosure.
We strongly recommend spending a few hours with an existing licensee. We also strongly recommend you connect with our preferred finance guru to assist with equipment finance should you need it. More on both in due course…


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