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Woman holding a coffee mugs with reflection on grass table in café
5 Reasons Why You Need a Coffee Van at Your Next Corporate Event
September 21, 2018
by Jonathan Payne
Hosting a corporate event? Satisfy the needs of your attendees with a coffee van! Below we explore the many benefits of providing an Xpresso Mobile Café coffee van at your next corporate social gathering.


1. Make Everyone Smile

 One of the biggest fears you might have before hosting a corporate event is that morale will be low. Even though it’s a corporate environment, you want everybody to socialise and have fun. How can you achieve that?

Nothing nudges a bad mood in a positive direction like a steaming hot cup of espresso coffee. A plentiful supply of the world’s most popular beverage will give your attendees just the right amount of pep to enjoy the event.


2. Instant Coffee Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Nothing fills the sophisticated cosmopolitan with more dread than the words, ‘instant coffee’. Especially in Australia, coffee culture has changed dramatically over the last decade. If you supply instant coffee at your corporate event, self-respecting coffee aficionados will look right past those flavourless brown flakes and head straight for the door. Barista-made coffee is a must, and with an Xpresso Mobile Café coffee van, you can have it at your event.


3. Impress the Crowd

The fear of instant coffee isn’t the only probably you’re likely to encounter; it’s possible that somebody may ask, “were these beans ethically sourced?”, or “do you have soy milk?”, and “is that cup biodegradable?”.

Keep everyone happy at your event. With an Xpresso Mobile Café coffee van, you’ll get all the expertise and class of an inner-city cafe, wherever you need it.


4. It’s Affordable

You don’t want to break the budget, and with a coffee van, you won’t have to. Have a look for yourself, and discover prices so low that your supervisor will think there’s been an administrative error.


5. One Less Thing to Worry About

When your event finally rocks up, you’re going to be exhausted. You’ve booked the venue, sent out all the invites, and confirmed everybody’s dietary requirements.  With all the effort you put into planning an event, you should be allowed to enjoy yourself when it happens. Rather than running around and organising people’s drinks, get a mobile coffee van to handle it. Not only will you be able to focus on other things, but you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee at the same time!


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Xpresso Mobile Café serves customers across Australia, providing coffee cart options from nearby businesses with expertise, quality equipment and delicious food and beverages. If you’d like to find out about hiring a coffee van for your next corporate event, call our friendly team on 1300 655 559 or contact us online.