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Old Colourful Coffee Van
Why Choose a Coffee Van Over Instant Coffee?
January 7, 2019
by Jonathan Payne
There was a time when Australians could tolerate a cup of instant coffee. You could stir in the cold, un-foamed milk and be grateful that you’re getting a cheap option to get you through the day. However, the days of instant coffee and dodgy $1 coffees from corner 24 hr shops are well and truly behind us.

Today, Australia’s booming coffee culture is the envy of the world, and with that comes the rise of coffee vans, making it easier for you to purchase affordable and delicious beverages. Here’s why you should choose Xpresso Mobile Café coffee vans over instant coffee.


It’s More Impressive

There’s nothing more dispiriting than attending an event and seeing that they’re supplying instant coffee. It’s likely that the sad, tasteless brown powder will sit untouched, as guests would rather go without it. Hiring an Xpresso Mobile Café coffee van for your event, on the other hand, brings a definite wow-factor to any event, as well as the guarantee of drinking well-made and ethically sourced coffee.


Provide Something Special for Fussy People

 We all know that one person who, if they’re going to have a coffee, can only bring themselves to order something long-winded and complicated, like “extra-hot-decaf-soy-latté, with half a teaspoon of sugar and two artificial sweeteners”. Good luck getting that out of a coffee-urn!


Order a Meal with Your Coffee

 Everybody loves the option of having something to eat with their coffee. Ditch the stale biscuits you’d usually leave sitting out with instant coffee. Every Xpresso Mobile Café is stocked with high-quality, fresh food and beverages from a trusted national supplier. With everything carefully chosen and made, you will be so satisfied that you’ll be coming back for more.


Sustainably Sourced

 As well as mobile coffee vans, there is an increasing popularity of sustainably sourced coffee. With an Xpresso Mobile Café mobile coffee van, you don’t have to spend hours researching if the coffee you’re serving is high-quality and sustainably sourced. We work with trusted specialty coffee suppliers to bring you ethically sourced coffee from their roasting warehouse in Brisbane. Therefore, your customers can enjoy great tasting coffee without feeling guilty!


Stress Free

 Unlike jar of instant coffee, a mobile coffee van comes fully equipped with a coffee machine and a trained barista. You’ll never have to worry about the risk of spills and burns. With an Xpresso Mobile Café coffee van, you can just put your feet up and enjoy a hot cup of café quality coffee.


Contact Us

Xpresso Mobile Café serves customers across Australia, providing coffee van options from nearby businesses with expertise, quality equipment and delicious food and beverages. If you’d like to find out about hiring an Xpresso Mobile Café coffee van, call our friendly team on 1300 655 559 or contact us online.