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Sustainable Coffee Cups
January 4, 2018
by Jonathan Payne
Plastic is slowly on its way out. Plastic bags at supermarkets are getting phased out, and the notion to ban plastic straws has just begun. The coffee industry has acted in the war on waste, and over the last few years, biodegradable cups have become the norm at many cafes. But what’s even more impressive is that coffee lovers have outpaced coffee suppliers in reducing the amount of plastic that gets used.

Sustainable, reusable cups can now be found in everywhere. Because of this, sustainable coffee cups are now available in a range that is as diverse and personalised as the roasts they contain.


Original Reusable Cup

Designed to look and function just like a disposable cup, this is the staple in the reusable cup world. The cup and lid are made from plastic, and a nifty silicone closure allows you to cover the top and avoid pesky spills. It’s simple, easy to clean, lightweight and durable. You also don’t have to worry about long train rides as you can now keep your coffee warmer for longer.


Glass Reusable Cup

Like originals, glass reusable cups take the same classic lid and places it on top of a sleek glass cup. Additionally, there’s the option of a customisable silicone band, which makes it easier to handle the hot contents. The glass cup is also very easy to clean and can be used with or without the lid for a perfectly tailored coffee drinking experience.


Insulated Tumbler

For people who never get enough time to finish their coffee, an insulated tumbler is the answer. Boasting up to 4 hours of excellent heat retention, this durable stainless-steel cup with a sealable plastic lid comes in a range of sleek, modern designs and is durable enough for the coffee drinker on the go.


Porcelain Reusable Cup

There’s nothing better than sitting at home with a nice hot beverage out of your favourite mug. With a porcelain reusable cup—complete with silicone lid—coffee purists can take that wholesome experience out of the living room and into the world. This cup is heavier and more delicate than any other style of reusable cup, not made to be tossed into a handbag, but that won’t matter. With the limitless fun design options, you’ll want to have it out on display anyway!


Perfect for Coffee Vans!


The trend of sustainable cups is great news if you own a coffee van! With people bringing their own cups, business owners won’t have to store so many cups in their limited space. This frees up more room for the important things like delicious, ethically sourced coffee beans.


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