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Turning Your Coffee Van into a Must-Visit Hot Spot
April 17, 2019
by Jonathan Payne

Are you interested in making your coffee van a valued addition to any event or community? In this article, we’ll explore how to do so – with tips and tricks for how to pick the perfect location, how to attract customers, and other various creative things you can try!


Location Location Location!

Choosing a place to serve your customers is one of the most important decisions you will make. Before settling on a location, here are a few things you should consider.


Your Audience

Firstly, ask yourself if there will be enough foot traffic to make the location worth it. Consider the type of foot traffic you will need – a busy business area will attract customers, particularly in the morning during the peak morning rush. However, for foot traffic during the day, somewhere more central and less business-focused may be better suited.



Choosing which events to go to and where to locate in them is also important. Generally, there will be a food and drink truck area where you will be able to park. At an event like a Farmers Market, however, it is better to park near the middle of proceedings.



If you have incredible coffee, but a low foot traffic parking spot, you probably won’t make a lot of business.


Attracting Customers

The question of how to attract customers can feel overwhelming with many different things to consider. However, it’s so much easier than you think.


Be Memorable

There are so many coffee shops and vans across Australia. Make yours stand out amongst your competition. You can achieve this through a clever name, clear and cohesive branding design, and a well-organised menu.

Funny or memorable names are a great way to attract customers.


Innovative Menu

Add something unique to your menu. It may be a coffee grind that is not readily available, a changing coffee blend, or even a new type of latte. This will catch your customers’ attention.


Go Online

Creating an online media profile, whether that be through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, will help boost business. Word of mouth, one of the biggest builders of a business’s reputation, is made easier when your business has an online presence.



A strong online presence will also let you update your customers on changes to the menu, upcoming events and your general news.



An online presence allows you to connect with your customers and make your coffee van a must-visit hot spot. Consider running polls, getting your customers’ opinions on things like their favourite coffees, and even running competitions to increase interest in your business.


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