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Dawn Hobart Harbour aerial
Make Money on the Go in Hobart
March 3, 2019
by Jonathan Payne

Tasmania has always been one of the most beautiful places in the world to live. Of late, though, the whole world is starting to sit up and take notice of Tasmania. It just might be time for you to take note of an exciting business opportunity with a coffee van truck, too!


It’s Beautiful, and Everybody Knows It

Impressive peaks like Mount Wellington and Cradle Mountain have piqued the interest of international travellers. The Blow Hole and the Tasman Arch can be found only a short distance from one another in the stunning Tasman National Park, and thousands of visitors are flocking there each year. Let’s not forget the beaches; Great Oyster Bay is, to put it succinctly, great.


Hobart is Where the Action is.

In terms of money, culture and population (if not geography), Hobart is at the centre of Tasmania. Over 40% of Tasmanians live in Hobart, and it’s easy to see why. Of late, arts festivals like MONA FOMA and Dark MOFO have started to attract the cultural elite from around the world. There’s always been great stuff to see in Hobart, though. It was in Hobart Town that the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens were established in 1818, and countless nature-lovers have wandered through since.

Often, people choose to see Tasmania by hiring a car and driving around the island state. There are a million things to see, but everybody makes sure to drive through Hobart; tourism is skyrocketing and revenues are growing. 


The Time is Now

There’s never been a better time to have a business in Hobart. The recent boom in tourism has more money and customers circulating around Hobart than ever before. Visitors to Hobart are, more often than not, sophisticated travellers attending events. From a business point of view, it’s the perfect time to start up a mobile coffee business. In Hobart, with your own Xpresso Mobile Cafe, you can make money on the go. During the weekdays, a coffee van would be wonderfully popular for Hobarts young working families at school drop offs and office lunches. During the weekend, at Hobart’s cultural events and in the evenings, traveling cosmopolitans flock to coffee vans in search of a top-quality brew.


Franchise Opportunities in the Hobart

 Whether you’re a prospective businesse looking to get started with your own coffee van business in Hobart, or you’re running an event and looking to import a café for the day, Xpresso Mobile Cafe can help. To get in touch and find out more, contact us today.